Gallery & Testimonials

When I first started with Ray I was very nervous being in a car, he calmed me down and made me feel at ease. Throughout the lessons he answered every question I had confidently.

He was fantastic instructor which led me to passing my driving test first time.

Thank you Ray!

Sinead Gillespie

Sinead took driving lessons in Bolton

I decided to take up my driving lessons for my 30th birthday. I decided to go with drive to perfection with recommendations from my friends who have passed with Ray and who gave good reports for him. Looking back its something I would have never thought I would have done when I was younger but I’m so glad I have done it now and passing first time is a great feeling! I started my lessons at the end of August 2010 and I found out I was pregnant in the January so me and Ray both worked together to get my lessons and test done before baby arrived – I passed my test in May 2011.

Ray is an excellent instructor he’s a very bubbly guy always smiling and you can have a good laugh with him – but very professional at the same time. I would definitely recommend Drive 2 Perfection to anyone – don’t hold back go for it!!!

Lyndsey Adam

Lyndsey took driving lessons in Bolton

I have nothing but complete praise for Ray! I was recommended by a friend to learn with him and it was definitely the right decision. As soon as I met Ray he put me at ease with his huge smile and immediately i felt at ease. I felt confident from my first lesson throughout and everything he taught me was explained thoroughly.

I looked forward to my lessons and am still in contact with Ray now, years after I passed.

I cannot recommend Drive2Perfection highly enough to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive!!!!

Rob Street

Rob took driving lessons in Horwich

Drive 2 Perfection / Ray is one of the nicest, most patient men you will ever meet and a fantastic instructor. He taught my daughter Becky Thurlbeck to drive, and I would and do recommend anyone looking for a driving instructor to look no further and call Drive 2 Perfection / Ray today you won’t regret it!!

Becky Thurlbeck

Becky took driving lessons in Lostock

I would highly recommend Drive 2 Perfection / Ray as a driving instructor ! He’s a brilliant teacher, was very patient with me and always made me feel at ease. I looked forward to my lessons as Ray is full of encouragement which helped to build my confidence as a driver !
I would also recommend the Pass Plus, it made me feel more confident on the motorway and im glad I did it. Anyone who is nervous about driving I’d reccomend learning with Drive 2 Perfection / Ray.

He’s a fantastic instructor and I’m happy to have had the pleasure in learning to drive with him !!!

Stephanie O'Connor

Stephanie took driving lessons in Bolton

I loved my driving lessons – every single one of them! Each one was different and allowed us to experience properly what driving was like, not just “teaching you to pass your test” but honest driving with an honest instructor.

Drive2Perfection with Ray Grailey is worth every penny; fun driving lessons, no pressure, relaxed atmosphere and an overall brilliant experience with comfortable conversation.

A friendly service and very reliable. He didn’t let me down once and if he had to cancel for genuine reasons such as illness or holidays (which barely ever happened) he would give plenty of notice and made sure that we re-arranged a lesson soon after. I enjoyed every lesson I had and always looked forward to them. Before my test he would make sure that I practised each manoeuvre i was unsure of until it was perfect and filled me with confidence.

I would definitely recommend learning to drive here as you get what you pay for and with Drive 2 Perfection, you definitely get quality.

Beki Davies

Beki took driving lessons in Bolton

An excellent driving instructor who is very patient and honest, I learned things a lot quicker than I expected because of Ray. I would highly recommend Drive 2 Perfection School of Motoring to anybody.

Erhan Ates

Erhan took driving lessons in Bolton

I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Ray. His bubbly personality gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed. Even when I made mistakes Ray kept smiling which reassured me and encouraged me to try again. I would highly recommend anyone who’s feeling a little nervous to have lessons with Ray as he is a fantastic instructor!

Naomi Roberts

Naomi took driving lessons in Bolton

I would recommend Drive 2 Perfection to anyone looking to pass their driving test. Ray really helps to support you and guide you through your learning process, which leads to great results at the end of it. Drive 2 Perfection is dedicated to helping you achieve success.

You couldn’t find anyone better to keep you calm and focused on passing your test!

Danielle Holroyd

Danielle took driving lessons in Horwich

Choosing Ray to teach me to drive was a brilliant choice! I had lessons previously but I felt that the instructor was impatient which ended up making me really nervous. Ray, however, was very supportive and helped me find my confidence again.

Lessons with Ray were always good fun and each one made me feel one step closer to passing my test! Ray kindly offered to pick me up from work at a time that was really convenient for me. Most important of all, when I passed my test, I knew that I was ready to drive on my own.

The only downside to passing was no more lessons with Ray! I would (and will!) recommend Ray to others.

Jessica Houghton

Jessica took driving lessons in Bolton

I loved my driving lessons with Ray, a pleasure to learn with. He was always smiling and very calm even when I would sometimes make silly mistakes. A friendly instructor who made learning to drive such a enjoyable experience.


Sarah Roberts

Sarah took driving lessons in Bolton

Drive 2 Perfection – Ray taught all three of our daughters Amy, Helen and Keira to drive, they are all very different girls but they all loved Ray and always looked forward to his lessons. He is always calm and and always cheerful and that rubbed off on them and gave them the confidence that is essential if you are going to be a good driver. He saw them all through their tests and pass pluses and they are all now very competent drivers, we certainly have no qualms in going in their cars when they are driving.

We have no hesitation in fully recommending Drive 2 Perfection – Ray to our friends, and we cannot commend him highly enough to you. Our son is next on the list, so book us a spot please Ray!

Amy, Helen and Keira

Amy, Helen and Keira took driving lessons in Horwich

Ray was such a brilliant driving instructor, he taught at a rate that suited me, as he knew I wanted to get passed quickly, and never gave me more lessons then I needed to save myself money. Learning with Ray was such a laugh as well! I never had a boring lesson and I always came home bouncing off the walls, I was well taught!

I just had such a good time learning to drive, and I did my pass plus too, not because I needed it for my insurance or anything just because I missed my lessons!

Ray is just and amazing person and I’d definitely recommend him!

Helen Boff

Helen took driving lessons in Horwich

Rays approach to teaching is first class! He has the uncanny ability to calm nerves and build confidence – which was good because I had too much of one and not enough of the other!!

His “can do” approach and patience resulted in me passing my test the first time.

I have recommended Ray on numerous occasions and would not hesitate in doing so again,in fact my daughter will be starting her lessons with him soon!


Lisa took driving lessons in Bolton

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